Racer Profiles

Eric Coomer eric_bridge

  • Year Born: 1899
  • Residence: Denver, CO
  • Race Category: Cat 9
  • Years Racing: 3
  • Race Specialty: Gonzo
  • Favorite Race: The last one!
  • Personal Websiteotcadventure.com
  • Notable Results: Trans-Nepal 2012

Matt Anderson MattA

  • Year Born: 1974
  • Residence: Aurora, CO
  • Race Category: Cat 3
  • Years Racing: 2012 was my first year racing MTB.  3 years racing triathlon.
  • Race Specialty: Pain
  • Favorite Race: Whichever race Shane tells me I have to do next…
  • Notable Results: Chilly Cheeks Duathlon 2011-2012, 1st Place Fat Tire Division (Race#1 and Overall Series).  Haha!  Does that count?  Leadville 100 MTB 8:52 in my first year riding and racing MTB!
  • Image quote: Ack!! Do not lick that!!
  • I’m a third year dental student who races for “fun”.  Thankful to be surrounded by a great team of riders and looking forward to representing myself, my teammates, Pedal Pushers Cyclery, and our great sponsors.  In my second season of riding and racing MTB, my goals are to challenge myself in new races, increase my endurance and speed, and improve on results as I return to several races in 2013.  Thanks to my family for supporting me in this crazy hard adventure!

Shane DeMars 67622_10151287176869863_896085740_n

  • Race Category: Cat 2/Open
  • Year Born: 1975
  • 2013 race age: 38
  • Years Racing: 2
  • Favorite Race: High Cascades 100
  • Notable Results: See here
  • After 15 years climbing I finally picked up a bike and found my niche in marathon and ultra-endurance events.  Now after two short years in the sport I also run The Endurance Experience website/blog and organize The Boulder Ultra Cross.

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